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Police Dog Artwork

Police K9 Dog Portraits


North American Wildlife Art Drawing and Painting

This original detailed pencil drawing is sold. Artist quality  prints are available for purchase.

Raccoon Wildlife Drawings & Paintings

Raccoon Wildlife Drawings & Paintings

"Coon Hideout"-original graphite pencil drawing

approx. size: 9" x 12"\

Click on image for larger view of details


The well known "masked bandit" or raccoon (Procyon lotor) of North America is a very intelligent and adaptable animal.  Found commonly in urban areas, it uses its forepaws and its great manual dexterity to open latches, untie knots, turn doorknobs, and open jars and garbage cans to get at anything edible.

Although some raccoons can live to over 15 years of age, many have their lifespan shorten by falling prey to mountain lions, bobcats, gray wolves, red foxes, coyotes, fishers, owls or by being trapped/killed by humans.



Many more wildlife watercolor, acrylic and pastel paintings, graphite pencil, colored pencil and charcoal drawings and sketches of animals and pets can be found in my art gallery. See portraits of dogs, puppy, cats, kitten, horses, pony, fancy rat, birds, elephant, butterfly, rhinoceros, jaguar, moose, raccoon, red fox, rabbit, hare, lion, zebra, owl, wolf and more. Commission an original custom wildlife painting or drawing,  dog portrait, cat portrait, horse portrait or other animal portrait today. These original, hand-made, custom pet portraits and wildlife paintings or animal drawings make wonderful memorial gifts for every dog, cat, horse or animal lover.



Gift Certificates now available! A custom pet portrait makes a wonderful pet memorial gift!


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