Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art by Canadian Animal Artist Colette Theriault
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Police Dog Artwork

Police K9 Dog Portraits

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Butterfly Artwork

This pastel painting is sold. Note cards and prints are available for purchase.


Monarch Caterpillar (larva)  painting in pastel

Monarch caterpillar insect larva painting in pastel

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Metamorphosis I

"Monarch Caterpillar and Common Milkweed"

approx. size: 4" x 6"- pastel

 Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) are highly unpalatable to predators and are mainly left alone. This is because they feed exclusively on the milkweed plant (in this case, the common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca) which contains a toxin that the caterpillar absorbs.

This painting has found a home in Burlington, Ontario.










Many more wildlife watercolor, acrylic and pastel paintings, graphite pencil, colored pencil and charcoal drawings and sketches of animals and pets can be found in my art gallery. See portraits of dogs, puppy, cats, kitten, horses, pony, fancy rat, birds, elephant, butterfly, rhinoceros, jaguar, moose, raccoon, red fox, rabbit, hare, lion, zebra, owl, wolf and more. Commission an original custom wildlife painting or drawing,  dog portrait, cat portrait, horse portrait or other animal portrait today. These original, hand-made, custom pet portraits and wildlife paintings or animal drawings make wonderful memorial gifts for every dog, cat, horse or animal lover.


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Gift Certificates now available! A custom pet portrait makes a wonderful pet memorial gift!


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