Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art by Award Winning Artist Colette Theriault/ pastel, graphite, watercolor and colored pencil/prints & originals/commissions accepted. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


An award-winning Canadian artist from Sudbury, Ontario, Colette Theriault’s finely detailed wildlife and pet portraits are meticulously painted or drawn in a photo-realistic style. Inspired by nature and the creatures that surround us, she captures the essence of her subjects using mainly soft pastels or graphite pencil.

The artist regularly participates in numerous group exhibitions and solo shows. She has had work accepted into The Pastel Journal’s Pastel 100 International Competition as well as the 2019 Annual Exhibition of Nature In Art which featured works from top wildlife artists and conservationists around the world including Canada’s renowned Robert Bateman.

Colette is a signature member of the prestigious Artists For Conservation, a world renowned international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world.

The artists accepts commissions of pets, wildlife and scenery. Her work is found in private collections throughout the globe and one of her commissioned pieces hangs in the US Pentagon.

Please view the workshop schedule and inquire with the artists for  additional information.

Artist’s Statement

“My love of painting and drawing pets and wildlife is something I have always been very passionate about. To me (Mother) nature itself is a canvas in perpetual motion; I admire her and she inspires me to share the love and respect I have for her through my art. The goal of my work is to convey the various aspects of nature by depicting it as accurately as possible while capturing animals doing whatever it is that they do. Whether wild or domestic, I strive to convey the animal’s spirit and character. If I can captivate the viewers and bring them into my world of art, then I have truly succeeded.

A work of art begins long before the pencil touches the paper. I frequently have an idea transpire in my head while not actively thinking of projects to work on. I might see a bird fly overhead, see a photograph in a magazine, watch a nature program on television or read a comment in the newspaper that will give me the inspiration. Once I feel compelled to work on a particular piece, I sift through my reference library of photos I have taken. I may need more than one photo to accomplish a suitable composition.

A perfectionist by nature, I spend countless hours meticulously drawing or painting my subjects with utmost attention to detail, down to individual hairs and strands of grass. When working on a piece, I get so intensely concentrated and captivated by the task before me that I cannot think of anything else. This is my way of relaxing as I lose myself in the act of creation.

I believe to have finally found my true calling in life…whether working with clients to create an original custom portrait, or on one of my personal projects, it gives me great joy knowing that my creations are treasured and appreciated by others.”