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Percherons-Work in Progress 

Work in Progress Page 1

Work in Progress Page 2

Work in Progress Page 3

Work in Progress Page 4


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Mock Photograph and sketch

Portrait Details


Sketch, above and work in progress, below.

Size: 40" x 23"

Medium: graphite pencils enhanced with Prismacolor colored pencils.

Breed: Percheron work horses

Names: left to right; Jane, Prince, Duke, Francis, Jake and Patsy

This group portrait features six majestic Percheron horses. Note that the pencil sketch is slightly different than the photograph. I decided to re-positioned some of the horses' head because they would have been unsuitable in the original pose. Note that black percherons most often appear brownish in bright sunlight, as is depicted on the mock photograph above.



Update 1-Jane

Update 2

This is the beginning of Jane's portrait. Note that her head position is different than the mock photograph shown above.

More velvety  fur and details are added going upwards the head. Jane is a black Percheron but has brown highlights in her fur.

Update 3

Update 4

 There is plenty of rubbing and burnishing of blacks and browns to create the velvety coat.

What a difference once the rest of the body has been drawn and the base color added.

Update 5




Update 1-Prince

Update 2

Prince is the second horse on the left. He is the largest and the only black horse without any white markings.

Here I continue to work on Prince's facial features, such as his inward curved ears, mane and down towards the muzzle.


Update 3

Update 4

In this step, I continue to work down the neck and defined the muzzle while adding more layers of color.

Prince has a very well developed muscular chest, as depicted here. Lots of burnishing is accomplished to achieve the shinny light areas.

Update 5





Update 1-Duke

Update 2

Although Duke looks white, he is actually a grey Percheron. His coat is flecked with brown and his eye rings and muzzle are grey.

I finished the mane and top of the muzzle. Next I work to complete the neck and the rest of the muzzle and nostrils.


Update 3

Update 4

I leave the neck for later and move on to the next horse in line.

Now that the background is added, Duke looks right at home on the field.


Update 1-Francis

Update 2

In this step, much of the base color work has been done.

In this step I have completed the head and started working on the body of the horse.


Update 3

Update 4

Now that the body is starting to appear, the horse is beginning to take a 3-D form.

To view more of Jane, click on the image of the finished portrait.


Update 1-Jake

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4


Update 1-Patsy

Update 2


Update 3




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