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-colored pencil



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Police Dog Artwork

Police K9 Dog Portraits


Pencil Pet Portraits Gallery   

 graphite pencil drawings | colored pencil drawings | watercolor paintings | pastel paintings

Graphite pencil is a wonderful medium for creating a classic black/white portrait. A pencil portrait can also be enhanced with charcoal, carbon or even colored pencil. In this gallery you will find portraits of dogs, cats and horses. To view the amazing detail that can be achieved using pencils, click on an image for a larger view.  Don't forget to visit my WORK IN PROGRESS pages for more animal portraits currently on the easel.

 Dog Drawings in Pencil (graphite/charcoal)-click on image to enlarge


papillion dog

yellow lab





Yellow Lab



Shetland sheepdog portrait


Yellow Labrador retriever dog  

Weimeraner puppy


Shetland Sheepdog


Yellow Labrador

Weimeraner puppy


Siberian Husky Drawing

Cairn Terrier pet portrait

Godlen Retriever pencil drawing commission

Black Labrador dog drawing in pencil

American bulldog

Siberian Husky

Cairn Terrier

Black Labrador

Golden Retriever

American Bulldogs

Skye Terrier Portrait

Pencil Portrait of Shih Tzu dog

Border Collie Mix


Skye Terrier

Wire-hair dachshund

Shih Tzu

Military k9 portraits

Military Police Dog


Miniature Dachshund

Kerry Blue Terrier



Shih Tzu Pet Portrait

American Bulldog Portrait

Shih Tzu

Yellow Labrador

Brittany Spaniel

Welsh Terrier

American Bulldog


Golden Retriever Memorial Drawing

Terrier Poodle mix pencil drawings

Golden Retriever

Terrier Poodle mix


Terri-Poo mix

 Jack Russel Terrier


German Shepherd Pet Portrait

GSD Pet Portrait

German Shepherd Pet Portrait

Golden Retriever Pet Portrait

Shepherd Mix Pet Portrait

German Shepherd


German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

 Shepherd Mix


Border Collie Mix Pet Portrait

Shih Tzu Pet Portrait

Dachshund Pet Portrait

Shetland Sheep Dog Pet Portrait

Rottweiler Collie Mix Pet Portrait

Border Collie Mix

Shih Tzu


Shetland Sheep Dog

Rottweiler Collie Mix


Yorkshire Terrier Pet Portrait

Whippet/Greyhound Pet Portrait

Yorkshire Terrier


Japanese Akita


Black Chihuahua


Belgian Malinois Pet Portrait

Police Dog Pet Portrait

Miniature Schnauzer Pet Portrait

Schnauzer Puppy Pet Portrait

Belgian Malinois

Police Dog

German Shepherd

Miniature Schnauzer

 Schnauzer Puppy

 Cat Pencil Drawings (graphite/charcoal)-click on image to enlarge

resting cat drawing

cat on windowledge 


tuxedo cat

cat on windowsill


DSH cat pet portrait

Himalayan cat pet portrait

Russian blue cat pet portrait

Domestic short hair pet portrait

DSH cat

Himalayan cat

Russian blue cat

Domestic short hair

Domestic Cat

 Horse Pencil Drawings (graphite/charcoal)-click on image to enlarge

American Quarter Horse

horse jump

 Quarter Horse 

Horse jumping

Standardbred Horse

Thoroughbred Horse

Field Horse  


Many more wildlife watercolor, acrylic and pastel paintings, graphite pencil, colored pencil and charcoal drawings and sketches of animals and pets can be found in my art gallery. See portraits of dogs, puppy, cats, kitten, horses, pony, fancy rat, birds, elephant, butterfly, rhinoceros, jaguar, moose, raccoon, red fox, rabbit, hare, lion, zebra, owl, wolf and more. Commission an original custom wildlife painting or drawing,  dog portrait, cat portrait, horse portrait or other animal portrait today. These original, hand-made, custom pet portraits and wildlife paintings or animal drawings make wonderful memorial gifts for every dog, cat, horse or animal lover.


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